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We create DIGITAL EXCELLENCE for your business.

Our goal is to simply make the internet better. Through colorful UI, thoughtful Ux, through performace and through experience. Connecting every dot from design to product engineering or mobile app development is our claim to fame.

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A Performance Mindset.

We build what makes the internet better for all of us. We make accessing the web easier with recent editing tools, enhance possession thru skillfully personalized backend, and lightning-fast user reviews. We aim to connect with you and make the web a fun place to be for you and your team members through good performance.

Succeed with the right website builder, from start to growth. Giving you better solutions for your business.

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We're the best at what we do.

We are proud of our Nationwide dispatch capabilities that allow us to serve your sites in all regions of Canada.

Outsource IT supports client locations in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Saskatchewan.

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Why us ?

We believe our responsibilities extend beyond business, that is why we deliver the best services and be honest in all our interactions with our customers.

We have built a business with a customer-focused culture and a strong experienced global executive team. We provide our customers with the best IT services which indeed help us to stay competitive in this ever-growing corporate world.

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We craft bright future

Whether you are struggling to develop impactful digital solutions, failing to prove the return on investment (ROI) of your digital marketing initiatives, unable to scale up your team quickly, or tired of an inefficient use of data, Intact Solutions can help.

From proposing tailored solutions to execution and delivery, we’ll help you reach your growth potential by delivering clear results.

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